Daily Life #2


The last 24 hours has been really scary day for Terminator-style conspiracy theorists.

We learnt we can make artificial retinas. But while machines will understand us better than we understand ourselves, we need an iRobot-style law to stop them from killing us. Luckily we’re sure that the benefits of  these other stories from the Edge of Technology – like how to turn pee into power – are big more than enough to offset the risks:

But what do you think?

Human beings are almost obsolete
Are you ready for the future of machines? They’ll soon be better than you.

You’re being scored
Are you influential – or likely to be influenced? Scientists have an algorithm for that.

An artificial retina that reads for the blind
True Edge Tech that takes computer-brain interfaces one step beyond.

Want to turn pee into Power?
A group of Nigerian teens have the technology

Want to make lots and lots of something?
A n
ew website helps makers become manufacturers.

Never catch the flu again
Could flu vaccine offer lifelong protection?

Is machine-autonomy around the corner?
Why the US needs a law to stop robots from killing you.

Big Data actually works
Researchers prove what they already knew to test Big Data

Stay up-to-date. On everything
There’s a new app that will find you a job, concert tickets and news.

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