Daily Life #4

So we now know human beings are still evolving really quickly. But if this kind of thing makes you sad, then try waiting for a bus in Sweden. And if that doesn’t cheer you up, then perhaps the prospect of making water from thin air, paying for stuff via Facebook or playing a brand new augmented reality game will put the smile back on your face.

Do let us know…

Your phone is the future of everything. 
And it’s going to commit murder to reign supreme.

The self-filling water bottle.
Leave it on a rock to make 3 litres-a-day. From thin air.

Want your mind read?
Google’s going clairvoyant.

Gym Bunnies floored by nano-rivals. 
Tiny muscles can lift 100,000 times their own wait.

What if the internet was semi-conscious?
It’s would increase our rate of growth, according to this report.

We’re still evolving (really quickly).
But our massive population growth does have some side-effects.

Sci-fi game blurs movie plot with virtual and actual realities. 
Laser fights in Soho anyone? (With thanks to: @ftsforever.)

Feeling SAD? 
Wait for a bus in Sweden.

Is Facebook going to become a bank? 
Pay for stuff via your Timeline.

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