Tech is born. Tech dies. Noel Gallager launches postal supernova.

What a lot of negativity there was today.

Allegedly ‘evil’ canine clones are running rampant in New York. And there were mutterings about the potential death of two of our most trusted technologies – paper and phone numbers.

So it was great to balance that with celebrating the 20th birthday of texting, being uplifted by news that we’re building farms in city skies and that there’s now a simpler way to address every letter you send. That’s endorsed by Noel Gallager. A bonus no one could have predicted.

And the transforming matter that can turn into anything certainly sounds like it could lead yet another revolution. Imagine if you could make that on a 3D printer.

But there are other items on which the jury’s still out.

Do we really think we need a volunteer army of geeks to protect us from cyber threats? The MoD seems to think so but can’t quite tell us why or how this would work.

Perhaps more troubling we can’t seem to make our minds up about whether we still care about the brands of tech behemoths like Apple, Google and Microsoft. The point being that all we want is stuff that works seamlessly. And who cares who makes it?

If you want our opinion, we’ll only get passionate again when the stuff we use makes another big leap forward. And, as we blogged last week, that seems to put Google, via Android, firmly in the driving seat. But perhaps we’ll never return to the level of brand devotion we’ve seen in recent years?

And surely the report that Bigfoot DNA has been found and sequenced is a whimsical hoax? We’ll let you know the moment we know for sure.

In the meantime we shall retire, sipping our champagne supernova in the sky.

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