Star Wars, self-repairing Flash drives and TVs that watch you.

death-star-2What’s more kinds of wrong? That Americans are signing a petition for Obama to start building their very Death Star? Or that, as The Register reported, BHP Bilton – the world’s largest mining company – is having to modify a coal terminal because of rising sea levels?

Given America’s coining of the term ‘Axis of Evil’ both stories could be termed ‘ironic’. In fact, as The Register noted, they kinda skip past delicious, pay a passing nod to schadenfraude and land somewhere between “you’re kidding” and “too good to be true”.

But, apparently, neither were. Nor were the reports that some water-based batteries might help provide cleaner power. While self-repairing flash drives sound like they may lead to less waste as well.

But in a test of how hardy life on earth truly is, a group of scientists will be looking for life 3km below the surface of the Antarctic. Chances are any living thing won’t have encountered outside species for millions of years.

But given the guilt’s not gotten to you and you’re still driving a fossil fuel-burner, you can at least console yourself that you’ll save petrol with an app that finds a parking space.

Which might be handy when you pop down the road to pick up that 3D-printed item Staples might be selling you, from your own design, next year.

And you can also smile yourself to sleep knowing that we’re about to get real web TV – via the BBC merging iPlayer with the Red Button.

But then again, we’ve learned your TV might start watching you as you’re watching it. Will that keep you awake? Some already sound a bit queasy.

Well, there’s a social network perfect for them. While other networks were confirmed as the most popular thing to do on the web, Patients Like Me is helping the sick pool their experiences. Sounds like Hypochondriacs Anonymous to us.  Or at least the only social network no one wants to join.

But then again, we’ve been wrong before.

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