Spare a thought for the stress of leadership

David+Cameron+2012+and+London+Mayor+Boris+Johnson+(right)With all the Budget fuss still raging did anyone notice the Edge Tech announcement today? David Cameron and Boris Johnson want to spruce up Silicon Roundabout (Old Street). But KPMG seemed to be saying that much more needs to be done – the UK isn’t exactly a tech hotspot.

A view most of us here agree with?

So perhaps the Government needs to take some advice from innovation consultant Jeffrey Phillips. He pointed out that if you don’t spot big gaps, you won’t make big innovations. Might the gaps be bigger than Cameron and Johnson realise?

Maybe they just have information overload. Trusty future-gazer Ray Kurzweil reminded us that the rate of change is such that: “A kid in Africa with a cell phone has access to more intelligence than President Clinton did 15 years ago.”

If the sheer volume of stuff they have to understand is inducing stress, at least they can now monitor anxiety levels with a thumb pressed against their mobiles. Meanwhile, research is ongoing using real beating hearts grown in the lab. And doubtless it’ll result in wonderful treatments for stress-related conditions. But surely it’s better not to do the damage in the first place?

And if they’re dodging that bullet while relaxing with their Kindles, they might still feel a little lonely – current predictions are for tablets to slay eReaders.

Better to try the new Apple TV which – contrary to our scepticism of last week – may actually be close at hand. We’re sure it’ll be outrageously popular if it does reinvent the category. Maybe that’ll just stress Dave and Boris more through jealousy?

Anyways, after all that anxiety-ridden politicking, how about some lighter relief? Happily suck on these until we resume our – hopefully less politics-influenced – observations tomorrow:

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