12/12/12: The dawn of the Ideas Economy.

What a day of utter inspiration! The Most Contagious event in London felt like the inaugural meeting of the Global Ideas Economy. Among the sessions were fascinating talks from Richard Seymour and Sir John Hegarty in which we learned that the ‘now’ isn’t an extension of where we’ve been. But the first step into entirely new reality.

And given the Edge Tech on display, I can’t see many arguing against this thesis. So much is now possible, Seymour argued, that for the first time in 500 years the problem of innovation is one of imagination only. And given the mind-numbing possibilities, it certainly made us think that it’d be a good idea to reverse engineer your 30,000 days on this planet.

Back in the outside world, there were other ways to blow your mind. If you’ve never really understood Einstein’s idea of time-space, there’s now an easy way to get to grips with it – beating a Brief History of Time by a long way.

Then we learned that gravity power turns out to be a lot cheaper than solar. Although hopes for limitless energy took a bit of a knock. However, with a ticket price of just $99 the idea of getting your DNA screened felt like a much more accessible investment.

But some things are moving outside your control. It’s now possible that the row you had on the bus last night has captured by audio surveillance. And just as worryingly, why are dead people liking stuff on Facebook? Another question: should scientists be creating fish with legs?

But if that’s the tipping point for your brain to implode, soothe yourself with the knowledge that your phone may soon get it’s own airbag. Useful for the Pope if he gets some unexpected reactions having sent his first tweet.

But nothing compares to this: We love the idea of using this piece of Edge Tech to play video games on the lingerie of your chosen partner this Christmas. And – as featured at Most Contagious – these all-natural condoms from Sir Richard’s (no relation to Branson). Enjoy!

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