Homemade silicon, man-made tornadoes and a future made by Google.

LHC2‘Man-made’ and ‘homemade’ were definitely the buzwords of the day.

We’ll be watching the man-made moon collisions, as two gravity-mapping satellites make their crash landings 10pm UK time.

On a more positive note tornadoes of human creation are being touted as the latest clean power-source. Which seems far more palatable – and effective – than the wee-power of a couple of weeks ago.

And if you want to make a microchip in the comfort of your own home, that now seems feasible too. Although no-one’s yet suggesting that you can create God Particles at home.

Not least because there seems to be some confusion at CERN over exactly how many types of those pesky Higgs Boson they’ve found. Would one of those touch-feely-smelly computers predicted by IBM help the world’s brightest physicists read the data? Or perhaps we should set the artificial intelligences building video games of their own devising on the problem?

But all of this ignores the really big news of the day, at least from an Edge Tech perspective. Redoubtable futurologist Ray Kurzweil has just been given the top engineering job at Google. This seems to suggest the search behemoth fully intends to keep inventing the future.

That’s exactly the statement of intent we like to see but let’s just hope this holy alliance remembers the Prime Directive of ‘Don’t be evil’.

And if all these ideas has delayed your progress and you’re now running late, there’s an app for that too. It can’t teleport you to where you need to be instantly. But it will tell you when you’ll arrive – and help make your excuses to those left waiting.

Maybe you know someone who could use a copy for Christmas?


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