A day for the angry, aggressive, paranoid, depressed and guilt-ridden.

man in trashcanWhere did all the Christmas cheer go?

Everyone we’re meeting is rather enjoying the Festive Season. But that conviviality and air of expectant relaxation was not reflected in the news today. No sir. Not at all.

First-up for the suspicious minds among us was the Twitter lie detector. Trustworthy updates are, apparently, longer, include links, have a more negative tone and feature swearing more prominently. So that was hardly happy news either. Those long aggressive tweets may be depressing. But they’re truthful.

If that doesn’t give you enough re-assurance, the truly paranoid can now pack a bug detector without fear of making a social faux pas. They’ve made one thin enough to slip into your wallet or purse. No more unseemly wires.

But if guilt’s more your thing then try this one for size. Cloud computing is now consuming a not-inconsiderable percentage of the world’s energy output. And that means we’re all due a cross ticking off.

Then anger was properly roused over Instagram. The new Ts&Cs mean it can sell your pics – in return for no cash. And you can’t opt out from this state of affairs. Your face might even appear in their advertising. We predict a riot. Others felt it was tantamount to Facebook’s newest acquisition committing suicide, all rather publicly. And Starbucks knows how quickly big corporates need to fall in to popular opinion these days. So perhaps more to come?

With that prospect in mind it was hardly cheering to learn that a single microbe might have been responsible for the greatest mass extinction event in Earth’s history, killing 90% of all living things. ‘Could history repeat?’ we heard a depressed someone shout from the back.

So thank goodness there was some respite.

Allergy sufferers can now test what’s in their food using a new smartphone widget-and-app combo. While cutting-edge marketers have been re-designated ‘media hackers’. But in a good way.

The Twitter lie detector was also balanced by discovering the micro-blogging service now feeds into TV ratings – on the same day it announced 200million active users-a-month.

And finally, more medical innovation. Scorpion venom is to light-up brain cancer during tumor ops. And a hardy perennial of 3D design is being pressed into creating human tissue and organs.

So not all bad after all. Where there was dark, there was also light. Where there was yang there was also ying.

Maybe it’s just us not feeling the Christmas cheer?

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