What’s less likely – Super-Advanced Aliens, full teleportation or marketers arriving on time?

Istar-trek-teleport-1966s it us? Or did the rest of the world not react to the really, really big news of the day?

Scientists have managed to teleport a proper solid object – not just a lone photon or two. Sure, its only 1mm in size. And yes, the experiment hasn’t been replicated. But the paper’s in a peer-reviewed journal. So why’s no one else shouting about it?

But if teleportation does turn out to be fantasy, it won’t be alone. We now know there’s a planet 12 light-years away that’s similar to earth and twice as old. But suddenly – and in a complete reversal of the above – everyone’s talking about the Super-Advanced Beings that live there. Really? In the incredibly unlikely event they do exist we wonder whether they too contrive to read their greatest dreams into every piece of data they create?

Maybe Denmark can help out. A homemade spaceship could make it only the fourth country to send a rocket into space. Surely they could investigate?

Anyways, back on Planet Normal the unseasonal crop of dire warnings of imminent bad stuff continued. HACKERS CAN PENETRATE YOUR TV, screamed The Daily Mail. Inspector Knacker’s going to come calling if you download illegally, chastised the Guardian. And Nokia might be preparing for its death throes, reported CNet.

Meanwhile the somewhat unfortunate Instagram situation continued. The photo-sharing giant insisted it’s not seizing ownership of users’ snaps. Despite the new Ts&Cs appearing to do just that. The riot will rage on, we’re sure.

Luckily UK users – some well acquainted with a good old riot – could be particularly aggressive towards Instagram. The British legal system has now enshrined a difference between criminal offences and merely offensive tweets.

A clarification we expect to be  useful for those saving choice words to rage against Kickstarter-funded businesses. A new report shows the vast majority are late to deliver their products. So let’s hope most people understand the difference between investing in a company and going shopping. Not least as it seems crowdfunding may be increasingly popular. Venture capitalists are warning 2013’s not going to be a vintage year for Edge Tech start-ups.

However, marketers seem to be looking forward to the future with a healthy appetite. At least some of them now realise we live in a Post-Digital Universe.

Didn’t take long for them to catch on, did it?

But those among us proud enough to call ourselves Geeks have already moved beyond. We’re considering what it’ll be like to become a node in the mobile network of 2020.

All we know for sure is this – it’s gonna be superdense!

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