The buzz before Christmas.

smileySo after the excitement of working out that we’re reaching the most significant-ever epoch in human history, how much residual buzz was left to draw from the news?

Quite a lot, surprisingly – given the proximity to Christmas.

Our second biggest endorphin-rush came from the insight that capitalism never fails to surprise with its inefficiency. Due to the trend of Angel investors gold-rushing in to support start-ups, around $1billion is about to be lost. An estimated 1,000 ventures will crash as they fail to find further support.

Doesn’t this highlight how the market needs much better information before making it’s (let’s be honest) collective decisions? Another blow for the institutions which reckon capital markets are anything close to efficient?

And while that lesson should make us wiser, we’re not sure that this look-forward to tech trends in 2013 added much to our collective knowledge. It seemed to be saying that tomorrow’s like today. But different. In unexpected ways. That we’re now expecting.

Confused? We were.

But what we do know is that we want to flush our toilets with a smartphone – which would make up for the fact we weren’t given free iPads whilst at university – and that wires which stretch up to eight times their original length are going to make awesome power-leads and headphone cords.

So! Who cares if 007’s mate ‘Q ‘ is slashing the budget because spy drones can be made out of Lego? And we seriously doubt that older people slowing the pace of innovation for everyone else, even if their rates of adoption are lower.

We just hope we’re not subject to the ‘pain rays’ the US is considering for crowd control and that hackathons for sustainable meat-lovers are a total triumph. Prime beef with less guilt. What’s not to love?

Right – that’s it. We’re utterly buzzed-up and off for a burger. And then we’re going for a drink to make friends with the Dark Side (of Saturn).

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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