The light, froth and soft soap (powder) of Vegas

washingmachine2 copyAnd so it all began.

The bluster and general irrelevance of another Consumer Entertainment Show (CES) is upon us.

It’s hard to ignore the shiny baubles of mobile gaming devices from unexpected sources. And see-through, neon washing machines are definitely a source of amusement. Although nowhere near as useful as a complete range of home appliances that can be controlled from your phone.

And we completely forgot about the prospect of bendy mobiles in the wake of paper-thin bendy computers. Especially after getting breathless at thought of never losing a bag again.

But the constant screams of higher clock speeds and better screens flashing before our eyes soon became a little like a cheese-grater on the brain. At least Forbes recognised CES’s unnecessary irrelevance this year.

Fortunately, there was plenty of news from outside the crazed circus in Vegas, where light was definitely the topic of the day.

Roads are going to glow in the dark. And in the snow. Meanwhile we discovered you can make a 55-watt bulb from bleach, water and a plastic bottle.

But for those addicted to electricity it appears coal might again be the future. We can now make it from plant matter overnight, rather than waiting for nature to take millions of years. And this new stuff is carbon-neutral.

Mobile phone addicts also got a dose of good news. It’s reckoned clinics to treat their addiction will be up and running this year.

Maybe they’ll be decorated with a soothing flavour of LED wallpaper. Maybe the all-robot rock band will make a guest appearance.

But nothing would be as intellectually satisfying as this:

A young geek claimed to have written a programming language that would delete code that contained mistakes. Best of all, some people took him seriously.

Now that really put a smile on our faces.

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