The joy of tech in iceless surroundings

The day started happy. Our iced-over UK had thawed. And in its place was – if not spring – then definitely the promise of warmer, sunnier days ahead.

So any significant new Edge Tech was always going to become a major mood enhancer. It did not disappoint.

Because we always suspected it. And now we now. Technology IS adding to humanity’s stock of happiness.

Which kind of justified that feeling of warmth we had while watching the birth of Vine – the 6 second video loop site. With few commercial interests cluttering its airwaves, it feels as fresh as the breeze whisking in that seasonal change. Providing you skip the rather controversial editors picks of porn, of course. And you can still download it from the app store. But what’s not to like about a perfect storm?

But then ‘Pow!’. A treasure trove of discovery. Forbes rounded-up the US military’s most science-fictional projects. A strange thing to get excited about until you flick through the gallery and drink in the planes that don’t need to land;  tiny disappearing sensors; the shape-shifting robots;  and a human exoskeleton.

So now in raptures, we nearly wet ourselves over the beauty of generic equations of change that can predict climate catastrophe, epilepsy and financial crises.  Which then made news of a model of all global ecosystems and their interdependence somehow even more phenomenal.

By now there was no pause for breath. We hatched plans to build a supersonic ping-pong gun,  on top of our new coffee table made from an actual chunk of the Large Hadron Collider while installing our server that would survive, should we accidentally drop it out of an aircraft over the Arctic at -40˚c.

And we won’t even complain about the illogical nature of the placebo effect any more. Because we know how it works.  Meanwhile if driverless cars do earn a few large auto companies literally trillions of dollars? Well – we guess that’ll make someone very happy.

Because we’ve started to crowdsource the bacteria in our guts. How nu-economics is that?

And it’s not as if there’s nothing to look forward to. If you’re hankering after some purulence later in the week, it’s going to start oozing nicely. Hacking collective Anonymous is promising to release a tonne or two of secret documents.

We know that shouldn’t make us happy. But somehow it really does. Providing no one gets hurt.

So the plan was to get down the pub, calm down and bring ourselves back to earth discussing global iPhone fatigue.

But with pinball being back with a vengeance, there’s little chance of our excitement abating.  Looks like another sleepless night hunched over the screen.


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