The manifesto

The rate of change in our everyday lives is increasing at an exponential rate.

And it’s all down to technology.

Human creativity collides technologies together and suddenly we get to do things we couldn’t, just a moment before. That is definition of Edge Tech – technology that let’s us do today something that was not possible yesterday. And that is the subject of Life on the Edge.


1. Bringing knowledge of Edge Tech to general attention.
2. Triggering thought as to the implications of these new abilities.
3. Inspiring the desire for ever-faster mass adoption.
4. Providing the insights needed to make that adoption happen.

Ultimately, we want to be a feedback mechanism. By providing the inspiration and insights we hope to further increase the rate of change. Life on the Edge is to be an accelerator.

So this blog is very much a start point. And we’d like you to help us define how the project can succeed. We believe that Edge Tech is part of the route for a more benign existence. That it’s valuable to society, that it is The Future.

What do you think?


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